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Advanced Funeral Planning

As Ireland becomes a more open-minded and multi-cultural society, people are less afraid to talk about death, and their own demise in particular. There are many reasons why one would wish to customise their own funeral, but primarily it is to relieve the stress of deciding what arrangements to make and ensuring their specific wishes are honoured.

We will make a record of the choices a person makes and keep this for the future, and we will estimate a current price for their unique funeral.

People often feel relief and peace of mind once their arrangements are put on paper, and kept in our file. We recommend the person advises their solicitor and next-of-kin that the plan is made, and they do find reassurance in knowing that their instructions will be carried out as they wished.

The points to make are in regard to what coffin, clothes, church, hymns, flowers and grave choice. There might be specific readings, poems, people involved, donations for charity or other notable requests also.

Occasionally the person making the plan will ask us to take payment for the funeral. In these circumstances we lodge the monies to a specific company Credit Union account, where it will be available to pay the expenses when required. The only cost we cannot include in this situation is the purchase of a new grave.

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